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Make the most out of the trolley system in your city.
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    Score: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/787374/Perren_-_Major_League_Geometry_final.pdf

    Major League Geometry is an audiovisual work for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Video and Tape. It is part of an ongoing exploration in my work to elucidate and expose polyrhythmic structures using moving images.

    The rhythms are all based on 3:4:5 ratios. The layered ostinatos differ in length but share a common pulse, which causes them to drift out of alignment. Though this process is completely deterministic, chaotic and unpredictable rhythms emerge along its lengthy journey toward resolution.

    The movements on screen precisely reflect these complex rhythms. Each instrument and sound is represented by an iteration of the swinging batter, which gives a hypnotic exposure to the geometrical rhythmic techniques. Rhythms which might seem purely random to the ears alone are revealed by the eyes to be elegant and complex.

    The work received first prize in the AV Section at the MTAQ Composers’ Competition 2014, as well as the Australian Music Centre Prize for an Ensemble work.

  3. An incredible moment from yesterday’s OKC v Grizzlies game. The DMX remix is sensational too.

    An incredible moment from yesterday’s OKC v Grizzlies game. The DMX remix is sensational too.

  4. Election announcement.


    I’ve tried to avoid saying too much during this Australian election campaign (not always successfully). But if you’re in WA you should vote 1 Scott Ludlam in the Senate. I say this for the following reasons.

    1. Neither major party can be trusted on Internet censorship and surveillance. As Greens spokesman on communication, Scott has worked successfully against filter proposals, and also critically scrutinised proposals for wholesale surveillance by Australian government agencies. He’s also much more able to take a stand against what foreign governments - like the US - are doing. He’s often been a lone voice in committees and the Senate on these issues.

    2. I shared a house with Scott when I was commuting to Canberra, so I got to know him personally. I saw that he is exceptionally hardworking, not only in his portfolio area, but on the environment, issues of indigenous justice, heritage and more. I didn’t meet anyone smarter working in government. He is a curious and generous thinker - neither an ideologue nor a cynic. He would be a loss to the parliament.

    3. If he loses, his senate spot may well fall to an outright reactionary.

    If you’re at all concerned about Internet freedom, I don’t mind what you do in the lower house, but consider Scott for the 1 on your Senate Ballot.

    Jason wrote this before the original election last year but it deserves a bump with the WA senate by-election on this weekend.

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  6. An Open Letter to Mark Scott


    Hey Buddy What’s Happening,

    Just thought I’d send you a line given all this Indo stuff that’s going on to say you know, G’day. You might not know this but I saw you at First Dog On The Moon’s show at the Red Rattler (He’s the cartoonist that doesn’t draw people). My brief run in with you gave me some insights as to why you should not get so down about this whole ‘everyone gunning for you’ thing.

    For one thing I don’t know if anyone has told you but you are incredibly tall, you definitely stand out in a crowd. As the MD of a large national broadcaster you know a lot about leveraging existing brand identities and properties to engage with new markets in new ways. May I suggest leveraging your personal height and strength in a new and interesting way by thumping Chris Kenny. The next time he writes something about how you are a stupid stupidhead who is a national terrorist just walk over and belt the fucker. I promise you, you’ll feel good and so will thousands of Australians who will watch the gif of you belting him as much as they watch the gif of him being tased.

    Also put on some really weird TV show about twitter or something so Abetz has something to complain about during Estimates, he comes across as a really lonely bloke and it looks like Estimates gives him something to get excited about. You’re a good bloke, I know you’ll make the right decision.

    Yours in Patriotism

    Dan Nolan



  7. Joan in colour. An anon request.

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