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    I would support a Forced Government plan for these “women” who seem to keep getting into “unintended pregnancies” over and over and over. I say that we as taxpayers who do not want abortion should step up with foster care funding. But if that means women can just go around willy-nilly getting pregnant all of the time “unintentionally” then we should be allowed to stop those type of women. While it may make some of you women cringe with the possibility of a Government mandating your sterilization - it is a far less offensive practice to many people versus the sucking fetuses out of a woman due to drunken encounter or poorly timed pregnancy based on it being “her choice”.

    Amendment 62 Debate - News Story - KRDO Colorado Springs

    This may not be the most offensive thing I’ve ever read. But it’s close.

    Please, please, please, if you live in Colorado, vote in November. There’s at least one lunatic advocating for your forced sterilization out there, and even a Neanderthal like this can work a ballot.

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    This is the pro-life movement. They would rather forcibly sterilize women, because they hate them, rather than have comprehensive sex education in schools or allow women to get abortions because apparently having the government forcibly sterilize a woman is more “acceptable” than giving her an abortion. Imagine…16 year olds being sterilized by the government because they were never told how to use a condom. I’M ALL FOR IT GUISE.



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    Ugh.  This shit is the worst part about living in Colorado Springs.

    *gets voting fingerzz ready*

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    I live in Colorado. These people disgust me. The same group who made this amendment possible, Personhood USA, is trying to get similar laws and other anti-choice legislature pushed through several states this year.

    I mean, is this guy even listening to himself? A forced Government sterilization program is MORE ACCEPTABLE AND LESS OFFENSIVE than a woman making decisions ABOUT HER OWN BODY?

    Can we say “women’s body = community/government property?”


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    The comment above from stfuantichoicers is mine.

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    How about we step up the healthcare and education instead so these girls don’t get into those situations all the time? A lot of those girls just never had the education or can’t afford things like birth control. Oh I’m sorry, not willing to pay for that? Then shut the fuck up when she has to have an abortion. I’m so sick of conservatives who create these situations and get pissed off about the consequences.

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    Did you know that the Canadian government used to pay doctors $100 an Aboriginal child to have them sterilized? I have a very hard time standing up for Canada, or to even be remotely patriotic, with all the black marks of our past. We have such a bad past with treating our Native people like equals.

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    Do these people not realize what an intentional pregnancy is? It’s unintentionally. I AM SURE that there are people out there getting pregnant for more money. I GET THAT. But the majority of the women? Hell no. Forgot about rape? Or the unavailability of contraceptives? OR the fact that these women are coming from abstinence only education? Ever heard of marital rape? Yeah it happens. “Husbands” forcing their wives to have sex with them whether they want it or not without condoms if that’s the way they want it. Yeeeaah it’s a real problem many women are suffering from in this country. Remember in WWII when they tried forced sterilization of BLACK PEOPLE? Remember that?! IT HAPPENED. And it was not okay! You are not allowed to tell any woman that her excuse for being pregnant is not valid and she should not allowed to be pregnant anymore.

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    This is just awful in every way. They would rather forcibly sterilize women than allow them to get abortions. Choose life… unless it’s a woman!

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    This…I can’t even. Whoever said this is a fucking monster. This is misogyny at nearly its worst. It’s borderline The Handmaid’s Tale

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    Well done pro-lifers; advocating for something that stops reproduction. You know…. LIFE!

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